Meet Gertie the Gecko

By Aubrey Pfaender and Addison Swartz

We interviewed 4th grade teacher, Mrs.Reeves, about her class pet named Gertie, a               gecko.

1. When did you get Gertie? February, 2015

2. Where did you get Gertie? Pet Co. in Franklin

3. Did you get Gertie for your class or just as a pet? For her class

4. How old is Gertie? Three and a half years old

5. Who wanted you to get Gertie? She decided to get her on her own.

6. What kind of gecko is she? Leopard Gecko because she has spots

7. Did she come with a name or did you name her? She named her Gertie short for Gertrude

8. How did you get Gertie?  She applied for a pet in class grant and was approved.

9. Would you trade for her for a different pet or gecko? No, she is perfect.

10. How old were you when you got Gertie? 39 years old

11. Does she have any toys?  She has a wet lay and dry lay, if they count.

12. Does she have any brothers or sisters? Probably, but not sure

13. Whats her favorite food?  Roaches

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