The Nukem Tournament

By Aline Giron-Sanchez

Do you know what Nukem is?  It is a game that most of us like to play.   It is  sort of like volley ball but has some different rules.  You start with rock, paper, scissors and whomever wins gets the ball first.  Usually, we count down, 3, 2, 1..NUKEM!  A player throws the ball over the net and the opponents have to catch it.  If dropped, the player is out.  If NO ONE catches the ball, and it bounces on the floor the person next to it is out.  If there were two people next to the ball, they do rock, paper, scissors to decide who is out.  There is an out-of-bounds.  Do you know what that means? It is when the player throws it too far, and goes past the line.  When a player touches the ball and another person catches it, the player is safe.  Why do we play Nukem?  We play for fun and exercise.  When do we do it?  We play around the beginning of the year in August.  Last year, we played at the end of the school year.  Who does the Nukem Tournament?  The fourth and fifth graders play. The third graders play too, but they do not do a tournament.  Where  do we play the Nukem Tournament?  We play in the Heritage Elementary gym. Nukem is a fun game, and I think you will like it too!

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