Ernie the Energetic Eagle

By Kade Holman and Mason Rogers

Ernie The Eagle is the HES mascot.  Ernie, as you probably guessed is an eagle.  He shows up at Eagle Pride assemblies, Indy Night, and sometimes Superhero Academy.  It is a mystery who is under the mask. Some students think that it is Mr. Hardin or Mr. Hovdet.  Ernie usually dances around the gym or fields during school events.  Some people believe that Ernie is a boy, some think a girl.  Ernie is about six feet 3 inches tall.  He has a white head, black wings, a yellow beak, yellow legs and feet.  Ernie seems to always be happy. He brings joy to parents, students and little kids.  Maybe you could see Ernie at the next school event.




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