Getting to Know Spelling Bee Champion: Callie Hopwood

By Sarah Comer & Rebekah Comer

As you know, our school had a spelling bee.  Students in 4-5 grade were able to compete through a battle of spelling.  Our school´s champion was Callie Hopwood.  We interviewed Callie and found out a few things about this spelling superstar.  Callie was asked, ¨How did you feel when you won?¨  She responded, ¨Surprised and excited.¨  Another question she was asked, ¨Did you think  you were going to win?¨ She answered,¨I tried my best to believe I was going to win.¨ Her winning word was “testament”.   Lastly, Callie advises,¨You can achieve anything you set your mind to, so follow your dreams!¨

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