Math Olympiad

By Addison Swartz, Aubrey Pfaender, and Lilly Necci

Math Olympiad is an international math contest.  Our school has a team that meets weekly during RTI.  In the beginning of the year, there are two individual groups dividing up 4th and 5th grade. We learn new math strategies,  do practice problems, but mainly contests. There are 5 tests, and when those 5 tests are finished there is a new bigger Math Olympiad group.  There is a Tuesday group and a Friday group for both 4th and 5th graders.  In these groups we do something that involves S.T.E.M. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Right now we are working on marshmallow catapults and we will be judged on them.  Math Olympiad is a fun place to learn!

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