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New Kindergarten Teacher

By Adrian Crowner and Diana Mendoza How do you think  it feels to be a kindergarten teacher?  Mrs. Wallace, Heritage’s new kindergarten teacher, knows. We interviewed her recently. She reports that she’s excited and proud to be a kindergarten teacher! She also loves how excited the students get when they learn something new!

Gatlinburg Up In Flames! Dolly Parton Saves the Day!

By: Ava Grace Diplock    Dolly Parton once said, ” I have always believed that charity begins at home.” She sure does stand by her word. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the fires in Gatlinburg, TN. Roughly 15,000 acres were burned in the scorching fires, 700 buildings were … Continue reading Gatlinburg Up In Flames! Dolly Parton Saves the Day!


By Addison Church & Annie Kate Foley Do you remember PreK and how much fun it was? Well, it’s not only fun, you learn a lot too!  Where  do you think you learned colors, shapes, and lots of other things?  You aren’t born knowing that stuff.  Here at Heritage Elementary our PreKers learn about many … Continue reading PreK